The easiest way to find great people to rent your home this winter.

Listed in our winter home rental directory

Homes are posted in the home rental directory, which gets hundreds of visits daily.

A web page for your home

With Cabin Fever, all listings include your own page and URL for your ski lease — that you can then share out on Facebook, email, text and other places, allowing others to easily share your home rental details with family and friends.

A slick slideshow

Upload a few photos of your ski lease, and your listing page will include a beautiful slideshow on your listing.

Simple contact forms

On Cabin Fever, visitors can easily contact you (no payment, no signing up for our site, etc) and instantly get in touch with you.

Built-in stat dashboards

Homeowners get free access to statistical charts for their listings, showing views, “Contact” clicks and successful messages each day.

How it works

1-2-3 setup: All you need to provide is some basic information about your home, a photo and your email address. We post home on Cabin Fever, and you’ll quickly start getting inquiries from some of the hundreds of people who browse Cabin Fever’ site every day.
Cost: Totally free!.

Real results

“I’ve had bad experiences with Craigslist. A lot of people who contacted me there were looking to join a group of people in a cabin, but I just wanted to find a reliable renter who wanted to sign a lease. I found them through Cabin Fever!”
Posted for 15 days / Got 8 inquiries / Rented 4.5 months
Truckee homeowner
“There’s just no place online that really specializes in seasonal rentals except Cabin Fever. Airbnb/VRBO would charge me thousands of dollars for a single seasonal booking, and Craigslist is a crap shoot.”
Posted for 21 days / Got 14 inquiries / Rented 4 months
South Lake Tahoe homeowner
“It was so easy to post my home on Cabin Fever. I just copied and pasted some text, typed my email and uploaded a couple photos. There’s nothing to it!”
Posted for 3 days / Got 19 inquiries / Rented 5 months
Mt Rose homeowner

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