So you want to join a ski lease, but you’re not sure how to get to the mountains? Here’s your guide.


One of the best parts about joining a ski lease is carpooling! You’ll have a natural source of people all heading to the exact same house as you, likely at the same time.

Ski leases naturally see a lot of carpooling. Whether you’re wondering how you can earn some extra money to pay for the new 4wd you just bought, or figuring out how you’ll join a ski lease without buying a car, carpooling is a great solution.


Want to avoid cars completely? A new service called Tahoe Convoy is the perfect solution.

Tahoe Convoy runs weekend shuttles that drive up to North Lake Tahoe for the weekend, departing the Bay Area (at many different locations) Friday after work, and returning Sunday westbound after the resorts close. If you’re joining a North Lake ski lease, chances are high that you can get dropped off close to your ski lease and avoiding driving yourself!

Even better, use promo code CABINFEVER you will get 10% off when you buy tickets. Even better deal!

Tahoe Convey Shuttle

Getting around Tahoe

Once you’ve arrived in Tahoe via carpool or Tahoe Convoy, worried about how you’ll get around? Don’t be!

Lyft and Uber now operate around the lake, and are pretty reliable, New Years Eve aside. Squaw/Alpine visitors can also ride their ridesharing service, the Mountaineer, and TART runs buses around North Lake, while Tahoe Transportation District and Heavenly Resort run shuttles around South Lake.

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